DRW-2S81 doesn´t read CDs



Hello. I have a DRW-2S81 drive which I was using with the latest USG4 firmware. A few days ago (after an AC power loss i think), i noticed that the drive´s LED was flashing constantly.
I used Omnipatcher and US0Q firmware to fix this problem.
I (kind of) recovered the drive, it reads and burns DVDs without any problems, but when I try to read regular CDs, it says the drive is empty.
I can´t burn stuff on CD-Rs either because it won´t recognize the media.
I flashed the drive back to the USG4 firmware but still have the same problem. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance! =)


Irregularities in the power can permanently damage a drive… from your description of your problem it sounds like that your drive’s laser may have been damaged, and if that is the case, then, unfortunately, I’m afraid that there’s not much that you can do.