DRW-24D5MT problem recording

Hey guys.

I just bought the Asus DRW-24D5MT. It came in a retail box, with CD including software.

I recorded 2 or 3 DL DVD’s without any problem, but my last 2 went to the garbage.

This is how it went down: i burned a 6.5 GB file into it, at 4x, and i noticed some “breaks” while recording.
The application i use shows how many MB have already been recorded, and it’s value is constantly incrementing (as it should), but then i heard some noise, the count stopped for a second or two, and then it restarted normally. This happened 4 or 5 times.

The burning process went to 100%, supposedly fine, and ejected the disk after the burn.

To my surprise, when i look into the back of the DVD, i noticed that the disk was barely written on 30% or 40% of the disc surface. Needless to say when i try to read it it shows nothing.

  • I’m using BurnAware Free: for years it never gave me any issue recording CD’s/DVD’s
  • When i go to Asus website i can’t find any firmware application or binary to update my firmware. i THINK it is on v2.0 (i used Opti Drive Control to see)

I’m specially p***ed off because 1 month ago i had bought the iHAS 124 F (or something like that) and after recording maybe 10 DVD’s the drive became faulty and i returned it.
And now i invested in this Asus and he sends me DVD’s to the garbage.

Help please?

Thanks in advance

I had a few DRW-24D5MT failed with little use, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a faulty drive. What DL media are you using?

oh, i see.

The DL media are Maxell 276078 - (here: www[DOT]maxell[DOT]eu/product/dvdr-8-5gb-printable-25-pack-shrink/).
Do you think they are bad?

I’m wondering, they’re the same i’ve used when my other drive iHAS 124 F turned faulty…

Can bad discs eventually damage burners!?


I only trust Verbatim Double Layer (AZO) media. What is the MID of the Maxell? Did you try other media with either the iHAS124 F or the DRW-24D5MT?