DRW-24B3ST - does it have automatic read speed control?



In the past I used to have a (true) Pioneer drive and an Asus drive based on Pioneer and they both had a nice feature - they controlled the read speed automatically. When I inserted a disk the drive started in a low-speed mode. It was only after a few seconds when the drive detected requirement for fast transfer (for example a copy operation was started) the disc sped to its full speed. If the read speed requirement was low (for example playing an mp3 or a divx movie) the drive remained at its low speed. This way it was almost completely silent for such uses.

Does Asus DRW-24B3ST have a similar feature? Could you try inserting a disc and playing an mp3 - is the drive silent? Of course, I mean without any additional software for slowing down the speed.

Now I have Samsung SH-S203N - while it’s a nice drive it’s very loud and always spins at full speed when reading a data disc. If I boot up windows with a disc inside my computer becomes a vacuum cleaner for a minute or so. It only slows down when I play a DVD movie or an audio CD.

I’m generally interested to know which drives have automatic speed control so if you know of one, not necessarily Asus, I’d be glad to hear.


That feature is manufacturer specific.

With most drives you either can use low speed features or speedpatched for hi speeds only.


[QUOTE=chef;2622759]That feature is manufacturer specific…[/QUOTE]

That’s for sure, that’s why I’m asking if current Asus drives have this feature - it’s not easy to figure it out from offical specs. Now that the OEM for these drives has changed things can be different than a few years ago.


Yeah, its hard with ASUS drives, they always change their origin sources…


So far I have found information that somewhat implies this drive has automatic speed control:

  • specs say this drive is ‘green’ and made to save power; if so then lowering speed whenever high speed is not necessary is a logical thing to do
  • in this video we can hear how this drive is silent when a disc is inserted. The author writes:

I think ASUS at least 10 times more silent, then NEC.
At full speed reading Asus become louder, than at normal speed reading, but it still much more quiet, then NEC.

which suggests this drive adjusts its speed.


You can never be sure, it could even change within a firmware update. Normally that doesnt appear, but exceptions may occur.