DRW-1814BLT Scanning capabilities

Was thinking about buying this for lightscribe and b/c i have plenty of sata slots…but wanted to know how this was for scanning media?? b/c my pioneer sux and haven’t read much on these or able to find anything about disc quality scanning…thanks!


Well, Pioneer is considered whacky but the Asus also shows very different levels of errors compared to the liteons/BenQs. I would not use it soley as a scanning device since it’s hard for any beginner to interpret.

You are most likely going to be posting multiple threads like: What’s this scan mean? Is this disc ok? etc.

As for just being a nice quiet drive with decent write quality and lightscribe, I like it. But for scanning, it will show very very different results to a liteon. It’s fairly consistent with it’s results, but they are not comparable in any way to a liteon/BenQ.