Has anyone here got or seen the DRW-1608P3S-U, thats the external version of the DRW-1608P3S. I’m trying to work out if it does support writing RAM disks or not. The Asus websites would seem to indicate that it doesnt. If it doesnt write to RAM then im guessing its not a Pio 111D, so if you also know which rebadged model of Pioneer it is that would be handy.

Im trying to locate one in the UK if possible, assuming it does write RAM disks. My other options the LG GSA-E10N and LiteOn SHM-165P6SX dont appear to be on sale in the UK either which leaves me with the only option being a Sony DRX-280UL, unless I feel like putting my own external unit together.


Wrong guess - the 111D has no DVD-RAM burnsupport, the 111 has.

Ah yes. So would that make the internal a Pio 111 and the external a Pio 111D for whatever reason ASUS decided. It would be really good to know, because there may still be a chance to cross flash to a RAM writing drive based on what i have read about these drives.


You can crossflash them by using TDB firmware packages.