DRW 1008IM burns @ 4X,then 6X, and finally 8X



I have had my DVD writer for about 8 months now and I haven’t had any problems burning to Memorex and TDK 4X DVD+R. I finally decided to speed up my burning speed so I purchased a 100 pk of ProDisc 8X DVD+R but it’s not burning as fast as I think it should be. When burning a full DVD+R with Nero it takes about 11 minutes then says it burned successfully at 8X. When burning with DVD Decrypter with MAX burn speed or 8X selected, it starts to burn at 4X till it gets to 30% then starts to burn at 6X all the way till it gets to 80% which is where it switches to 8X for the remainder of the burning session but it still takes as long as it did with Nero. I have only tried to burn at 8X with these discs so I have no idea if it is the media causing this malfunction or if that is the way this drive is supposed to perform when burning at 8X. I have checked the BTC supported media list and my discs are listed as being supported at 8X. Maybe one of you will know what I can do to get a constant 8X burn. I have the current firmware (0059). All help is appreciated.


I would guess that this is the way the drive typically performs. There is a review of the 1108 at the top of this forum which concludes that it is one of the slowest on the market at 8x. I would suggest that the 1008 behaves in the same way.


What you are describing it typical of a “zoned” burn strategy. The drive starts the burn at 4x, shifts to 6x, and then finishes at 8x. Only the last part of the disc is written at 8x. in general this produces a slower burn. If the disc is readable, I wouldn’t get upset over the time.