DRW 1004 Has just died

Hi Guys,
It looks like my writer is just another statistic now in the legacy of this ill fated drive.
It has F/W 40 and connected as a master on IDE 2, running XP and a Gigabite GA-7DXE mother board.
I have burnt about 15 DVD’s some films and some games, then last night it gave up.
It now cannot read any DVD disk.
It wont write to DVD-R or the RW disk that came with it.
Nero write speed is stuck on x5.1 for DVD and x4 or x10 for CD (this was x16 to x40 when it was working).
Strange though I have managed to erase a CDRW?.
I have read somewhere that there is a problem if CloneDVD and AnyDVD run alongside Nero. I dont understand why this might be though as I know others that do, although they are not using this burner. I dont believe this is an issue though, Unless someone can prove different.
I have decided not to try and flash a F/W upgrade as from reading some posts it seems this wont make any difference to an already dead drive.
I dont know if any of you guys can help, any advise would be usefull. It looks like I will be phoning the shop Monday to see what can be done, but I dont want a replacement BTC drive after this .

I’m dissapointed as the spec is good for this drive, but now it wont do what is says on ther box.