Drums sound "wooden" on CDs

This is not a question about copying CDs or about setting up an audio system. When I play a music CD, it often sounds like the drummer is hitting the edges of his drums with the drumsticks. (Not always, but often.) It’s a wooden, whacking noise, very annoying. (That’s the best I can do for a description.) I have a 6-year-old Marantz carousel CD player and a brand-new Sony DVD player, which also plays CDs. The problem occurs on both players and did on others that I owned before them. It doesn’t matter what kind of CD is playing – it might be one I got at the public library or a brand-new one that I bought. Yeah, I should have asked a long time ago, but it wasn’t until I noticed the noise on the new Sony player that I decided to post my problem. Any ideas?

Maybe sometimes the volume were maxxed out so that the boxes were harmed…?

You’re talking transients here, I think. My guess, as you don’t say, is that you’re putting these cd players at line level into an amp and then to your speakers. Spurious clouts like you mention often can be due to the tweeters in your cabs getting too hot a signal. Are your speakers and amp matched ? Is the stuff you play heavy on drums ? Does this distortion arrive on kick or snare drum beats? Where is your EQ ? Do you ever hear this through your cans ? Compare sound quality on the transients betwixt cans plugged into the individual players and then into your amp. This’ll isolate the trouble, at least. If you listen to heavily drum laden stuff, you need gear that’ll handle the mighty transients been shoved out these days. Tell me more. regards