DRU810A - Where is Serial #?

Okay I apologize for asking a really dumb question, but I recently bought a Sony DRU810A Retail from Best Buy (not a bad deal…$40.99 after coupons and rebates), and I need to write down the serial number on the rebate form.

Unfortunately there are about 5 bar codes on the box and drive, and none of them are labeled (except for the UPC which is easy to identify). One of the codes on the box matches one of the codes on the drive itself out to 8 digits, but some of the prefix and postfix digits are different. Is this the right number to use? On the box it looks like S0m-mmmmmmm-7 and on the drive it’s 8mmmmmmmm810A Uxxxxx (where the m’s are the matches). There’s another barcode on the box that looks like P-xxxxxxxx-M and another on the drive that looks like Vxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Is anyone familiar with Sony serial #'s?

if you have the drive installed already, nero infotool can show you the serial number.

Thanks that did the trick. Turns out the number from InfoTool matched the first one I listed from the bar code on the drive (even including the Uxxxxx at the end) Hopefully that’s the one the rebate folks are expecting to see (if they even bother to look).