DRU710A and Ritek P16 and settop players

I got OfficeDepot branded DVD +R’s (Ritek P16) and I have odd problem.

All the burns so far (4 burns) came out such that my set top DVD players can not play them properly (Skips / Freezes)

I DID notice that the firmware does not have write strategy (BYX5) for Ritek P16, I did try to add a write strategy for Ritek P16 to mirror Ritek R04 which is also 16X DVD +R to no avail.

My DVD’s worked so far with almost anything I threw at them from cheap to good medias and it will be shame if I have to return this media to OD.

My drive can read the DVD’s burned just fine, just the set top boxes that have problems. Changing to DVD-ROM setting did not help.

Does anyone have good write strategy that I should try for Ritek P16?

PS: I burn all my DVD’s at 4x speed. Should increasing the speed to 6x or 8x help in this case?

Just use better media.

www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia is a great source.

As is the Blank Media Forum here at CDF. I’ve learned plenty from there. :slight_smile: