DRU700A Booktype utility error

Sony firmware VY06E. Lite-on booktype utility says “no drive found”.
Drive works fine.
On an Athlon XP with Nvidia chipset.

Any suggestions?

Remove ASPI using KillASPI.bat from ForceASPI then install ForceASPI. Remove nVidia IDE drivers if you have them installed and the first suggestion doesn’t help.

I’d try removing the NForce IDE driver first. This definitely causes this problem. :wink:

Positively: I have not been able to use my 411@811 or 812@832 with any version of the NVidia IDE driver loaded, going back to last year’s driver to the latest.

Some Lite On users have no issues with the later NVidia IDE driver but they did with earlier NVidia IDE drivers but unfortunately I have had no luck as I said with any version of the NVidia IDE driver so I simply revert back to the MS IDE driver (Win XP) after I install the NVidia “updated rive package” each time (that is after I run a simple test to see if the “new” version of NVidia system drivers will included a “working” IDE drier of course -which never happens in my case).

I have a MSI board (MS-6570) by the way with the NForce 2 chip-set.

Also, by the way, the quickest way to tell if a new NVidia IDE driver will “work or not” with the Lite On is to simply run any of the Lite On tools & if the NVidia IDE driver will NOT work, none of the Lite On tools will even recognize the Lite On drive after the NVidia IDE driver installation (example tools by Lite On: Book Type Setting, any firmware or flashing tool by Lite On in Windows, Smart Burn).

Thanks everybody for the info…
I was able to scan but not run the booktype utility. I removed the nvidia ide drivers but still no booktype.

I found my ide channel had been set to pio mode instead of dma. Everything is ok now.

I didn’t have to remove ASPI layers. I probably didn’t need to remove the nvidia ide drivers but since there has been so much trouble I’ll leave them off.