Dru510a mobo compatibity?



I have had problems with my Sony DRU510a. Big problems.

I have tried everything i can think of and still cannot get it to work on my system. See below (KT266A)

Initially, as a Primary Slave, the dvd burner read data and appeared in Device Manager. Then, for no reason, after a re-boot, the burner was not visible in Device Manager.

Still as primary slave, disabled DMA in BIOS for that channel and enabled PIO mode 2. It would read data, but not burn. Then, it disappeared from device manager.

Went through the same situation as Secondary master and secondary slave - DMA enabled and disabled and also in PIO mode.

Eventually, the burner would not read or write anything. Got an error window saying, “E:/ drive error, incorrect function”. Have researched this, cleaned out registry for relevant/irrelevant drivers to no avail.

The only thing it would do properly, was eject.

Is it a VIA thing? Or an IRQ steering thing? Or an ASPI/APIC/PnP OS thing?

(However, i know the drive is NOT faulty as it works on my other PC - diff mobo + P4 + win2kPro)


Used to run this drive on an asus a7v133,
drive was slave on sec.ide with dma enabled
o/e was win.xp
via 4 in 1 drivers were the ones that shipped with xp.
Never had a problem with that setup,guess it is either 4 in 1 driver version or o/s problem.
I know this does not solve your problem but the drive will work on via mobo.


Hi, I have a Gigabyte 7N400-L mobo and after 2 months of perfect operation my DRU510A now is doing the same thing as yoru first post, works fine in my other PC but only works once (after a restart) then next CD or DVD you put in, the drive defaults to a CD Drive and gives the error.
Anyone know a fix or what is causing this? Power supply?