DRU500A - sold-out?

I cannot find a place where I can buy the Sony DRU500A. I live in Amsterdam. I am a foreigner, so I don’t know many stores in town. So far all the stores I have tried / called … all sold-out!!
Can someone give some tips where to buy one, preferably in Amsterdam or online (Europe)?

Btw… is it really the “best” buy DVD-burner at the moment?

thanks a lot in advance


very very hard to find. i’ve got orders with 3 companys since december with no sign of arrival. apparently sony have stopped making the dru-500a but will be shipping the dru-500aX in march.
you could try and find a sony dw-u10a which is the oem version of the dru-500a (Bare drive only. no box,discs or software).this drive can be converted to a dru-500a.

hope this helps


Sony made a deal with LiteOn or smth to make optical storage drives. The LiteOn components are cheaper to produce and that way they can offer drives at a lower price which is more competitive with other brands.

I think they won’t manufacture the DRU500A with LiteOn components coz it wouldn’t be a “DRU500A” anymore.

Maybe that’s why the DRU500A is unavailable or discontinued even?


The deal with Liteon was only very recently announced and thus I severly doubt it will have any impact on the manufacture of the DRU500. It’s more likely to affect only newer drives yet to be released.

(both DRU500A and DRU500AX are already available although hard to find)