DRU-V200S or AD-7201S

I need a second DVD drive, and I’m trying to decide between the Sony DRU-V200S (aka NEC Optiarc AD-7200S), or the NEC Optiarc AD-7201S. I know the 7201s has lightscribe, but is there ANY performance difference at all? Or is the lightscribe just an extra goodie?

Lightscribe is just an extra goodie. Beside that both drives should be the same. I have an AD-7201S myself and I really like it.

Welcome to the forum. I had two Sony DRU-830U which lasted 1 year 5 months! I got over 1200 burns though! As far as difference I would go for the cheaapest price you can find of the two. Good Luck

Yay! :smiley:
Thanks for replying
My current drive is an AD-7200S, and I became a fan of it immediately. I don’t want to use anything else, which is why I asked about this. An AD-7201S would be the perfect match for it! :D:D
Plus I got it flashed to Dee’s 1.Z3 bitsetting firmware. It’s great! Can’t wait to do the same on this next one!

What do these drives have to do with the V200S or 7201S? :confused: Your 830 is a 18x Samsung drive in disguise.