DRU-830A Very Slow Read Speed


I used to use a Sony DRU-810A and was happy with it’s performance. It died a month ago and the warrenty replacement was the DRU-830A. At about the same time DVDFab changed from version 2 to version 3.

Then my read and write speeds went into the toilet. After many many calls to Sony tech support and doing a lot of things that had no effect, I learned I needed to disable Norton Anti Virus, although this was not necessary with the DRU-810A. Now the write speed on the DRU-830A was noticably faster than the old 810A. BUT, the read speed was much worse. For example using Nero (latest version and upgrages) burning a 1 GB data DVD might take a few minutes, but the verification takes over thirty minutes (i.e. 1X) ! Much poorer than the old 810A.

I have returned the DRU-830A to Sony for a warrenty replacement and installed a Pioneer 112D (fw 1.03). And it too has slow read times. For example after burning a movie DVD and running a quality check in Nero the read speed is about 4X. I’m not sure how to attach the graphics from Nero or which to run, maybe someone can tell me how.

So my question is “How do I get back reasonable read speeds on DVDs?”

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Old Guy 2007

You definitely need 80wire (Ultra DMA 66/100/133) cables for these burners if you haven’t got them already.

It’s looks like you should check the jumper settings on the back of the burners as a starter and then the DMA status. Certainly the Pioneer should be running Ultra DMA mode 4 & I think maybe the Sony as well. This thread is worth a quite view about this if you’re unsure.