DRU-820A Questions



I purchased a DRU-820A drive as a replacement for an old CD-ROM drive. I like the drive and it is definitely a step up from my old CD-ROM.

But, I have a question. Whenever there is a disk in the drive (CD or DVD) the drive spins, and spins quite loudly. It continues to spin, even when the disk is not being accessed. Is this normal? If I don’t remove the disk after I have exited the program, then it continues to spin. It is very annoying. I don’t recall my old drive doing this. If it did, it was very quiet.

Thanks in advance for any input.



I don’t have this drive but it sounds odd that it would keep runnng at a high enough RPM to make it loud. You’re not using Nero DriveSpeed are you?


I did install the Nero suite that came with the drive, but I’m not running any of the apps. I noticed the problem before I installed the Nero apps. I just installed them to see if there was a tool I could use to make the noise stop.

Thanks for the reply.


My DRU-820A will stop spinning after about 30sec. However if you do not x out of the program that you were useing to burn with then the drive will spin for a longer time but should stop at some point. And as far as “spins quite loudly” yes you should hear the drive but its no louder than a BenQ or a Liteon.


Thanks for the input.

My drive spins even if I don’t have any programs running. It’s not only when I’m burning a disk, even I pop in a CD to play a game. After I’ve exited the program, if I leave the disk in the drive it continues to spin for as long as the computer is on. And it’s as loud as when it’s burning a disk.

I called Sony and the “tech” support person told me not to worry as long as the drive was working, it’s not a problem. And if the excessive spinning causes the drive to fail, they’d replace it within the warranty period.

They didn’t understand that the problem is the darn thing is making way to much noise, even when I’m not using it. It doesn’t make any noise when there’s no disk in it. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an obvious software or switch setting that would cause this. If I haven’t missed anything, I’m going to take it back to BestBuy and get another one.




Hi Jeff: Welcome to CDFreaks.
If you want to have a little fun befor taking your drive back you may want to flash your drives firmware from 1.0A to 1.0B and also if you have not already set your region code for your drive try that as well. See what happens. I was using my Sony last night to burn and there was no long spin time even after the burn was complete and the software was still running. And one more thing if you are like me i seem to forget to set the jumper on the drive (master/slave).
Good luck.


Hi, I’m new to this board but found it while searching Google for the same problem as mentioned above. My new Sony DRU-820A is doing the same thing. First off it’s loud. Much louder than any burner or dvd player I’ve ever had installed in a computer. Second, when I put in a cd about half the time it will spin forever regardless if there are programs open or not. Other times it will spin up and then after 30 seconds or so stop. It does not do this on blank discs. Only music cd’s. I installed the latest firmware hoping it would fix the problem but no luck. It’s more annoying than anything else and I am wondering if I should return it or ignore it. Thanks! And great site! :clap: