DRU-820A- dark ring at 60% +/- on Verbatim/Maxell/Memorex media



Just a newbie here with first post.I just picked up a Sony 820a recently with 1.0b firmware. On the data/underside of disc I can see a distinct color change/darker on outer part of disk(maybe 60% or so). It does this on Memorex/Verbatim/Maxell 16x medias. The read back looks ok at 16x but I tried burning one verbatim at 8x and the ring can’t really be seen but it seems to have read back problems where as the 16x doesn’t. I called Sony and they said the drive may be defective(because they of course never heard of any problems) but when I read the review here it mentioned rings on some of the burns which was described as firmware writing strategy issues. I don’t have a good drive to do a quality scan on it.Anyone else getting these rings or could my drive be faulty? Thanks


I get the rings also just as you described. Ithink we need a newer firmware but 1.0b is the newest so far.


The 820 is a rebaged Benq 1670, for the moment you have to use sony firmware as the 1670 firmware is not available. I have heard the sony firmware is pretty good though. Also a ring does not neccesarily mean a bad burn it usually occurs when the drive changes speeds (ie from 4x to 8x etc.) what is the Media code of your media?


The verbatim is MCC 03RG20 media. I just took the drive back and picked up the DRU-810a which I had tried before. I flashed it to a 1640. I know it is a fairly highly regarded drive and should work good for me. I feel more confident in the 1640. I have a month though, I will keep and eye on things and see if Benq or Sony releases a firmware update on the 1670/820a. I just did a quality scan on both Verbatim discs with the 1640 drive(one at 8x and one at 16x) and they both had major problems from around 2.5gb and on.The PI failures went through the roof. I am guessing that would probably be around where it is a different shade on the disc. Maybe I just got a bad drive? Here is the 16x verbatim burn.


Please scan at 8x that is the standard and repost, thanks. But, it does sound like a bad drive as I have been hearing good things about the sony 820s.
But the 1640 is a good drive may as well just keep that one if you do not need the ram support.


Guess that shows I don’t know much about checking quality. At 8X the same disc comes up with a score of 96. Sorry, I am just starting with this and didn’t know the correct way to do a scan. I already changed to the DRU-810A/DW1640 so I will give it another try. Thanks for the help.