DRU-810A-R (BenQ 1650) Stuck @ 0.7x Scan Speed

Using the Disc Quality scan option in Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.10. The Sony DRU-810A-R (BenQ 1650) with FW 1.0e cannot perform quality scan at the selected 8x speed. It has no problem with the transfer rate speed test (read from about 6.5 to 16x on SL media). Unit is operating in DMA mode 2.

The slow scan speed is normal feature of the Sony firmwares, nothing wrong here. Only the retail Benq firmwares scan at high speeds.

Yes, thank you for the confirmation. Just flashed to the BenQ BCIC FW and the drive is now scanning at 8x!

Would it be possible now to reflash back to the Sony 1.0e FW via the Sony flasher?