DRU-800A vs. SOHW-1693S



I have been testing my Lite-On SOHW-1673S.JS05 with the crossflashed firmwares for both the Lite-On SOHW-1693S.KS04 and the Sony DRU-800A.KY01.
Considering the Sony is a rebadge of the Lite-On, I find it strange that when at KY01, I cannot read certain disc types :a , namely Protected Audio CDs (Madonna - Ammerican Life album), whereas with KS04 & JS05 I can!!! :eek:


Interesting! Sony has very strong views on copy protection. I understand this is one of the reasons they remove bitsetting from their firmwares. Maybe they have also decided to remove some of the other protection copying techniques that Liteon have always been so good at.


Sony wants to kills them self out of the optical storage market??

oh well time to flash the LiteON firmware again Lol…hehe


:bow: KS04 for Sony DRU-800a :stuck_out_tongue:


KS04 with the Sony DRU-800A ID is already on my site. Just download the patched version…


what do they think people get dvd burners for? lol @ Sony


I know Code XD, i got LiteOn 1673s whit Sony ID DRU-800a and KS04 =]

Sony … what they want to do …

  • lose clients >> lose money >> lose position on market ? :stuck_out_tongue:


The Sony Music and Movie divisions are much much bigger than the Sony optical division. I think at the moment Sony just wants to have a presence in the optical market, waiting for bigger and better things like DVD recorders and camcorders.


C0deKing, interesting!!! I can read “Madonna - American Life” in 1693S.KY01.
Also copy protection is bypassed with 1693S.KY01, as well as KS04. Have not tested JS05 or JS07, in regards to copy protection. I need to get another truck load!!! of discs…