DRU-800A KY04 - need media suggestions

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Hoping i’m in the correct forum

DRU-800A KY04 [latest firmware]

Ridata 8X DVD-R [Ritek G05]

Burns fine and plays on puter [movie]

Will not play on JVC home unit…and everythings always played on that thing.

Suggestions for 8X Media needed PLEASE !

Ritek is crap!!!
If you want 8X media try MCC03, Ricoh JPN R02…

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I did some “googling” and find MCC03 code is a DVD+R

I’ve been burning DVD’s for years now and have only purchased DVD-R [dvd movies,xbox backups,ect] I’d say i’ve had about a 95% success rate using my various Pioneer’s 4X -8X models.

This whole DVD+ issue has me totally confused. Am i to assume i’d get the same type of results with this Sony using better media ?? Is DVD+ as compatible with home players as DVD- ??

:iagree: Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated :iagree:

sony and liteon are better +R dvd writers.
If you are afraid with some compatibility issue with your standalone, than change the booktype to dvdrom!!! The compatibility will be even better than with a -R.

All you need to do is download booktype135 , insert a dvd +r into your burner, open booktype135, and set the book type to dvdrom. You will have to do it only once!!! It will remember your request each time you will burn a +R.

The King just said something slightly different from what I told you:

It seems that with your firmware you will have to set the booktype each time you load a new +R media. It will not keep in “mind”

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I think i’ll go out later and buy several DVD+ [small pkg’s of MCC03, Ricoh] , and test um with the ole “standalone” and XBOX.

Then i’ll have a better idea of my compatibility status. Then i’ll apply the “fix” you suggested.

I obviously shoulda done a little more research on the Sony. It seems that sticking with Pioneer woulda saved me alot of hassles. I ain’t bashing the Sony per say… its just that i’ve never had this kinda headache burning.