Dru-800a in an external enclosure?

can i use a dru-800a in an external enclosure? specifically a nexStar2. i can’t burn any audio cd’s using sony cd-r’s. i have burnt data cds with no problem.
aspi 4.71.2 is installed, turned off the IMAPI cd-burning com service, and changed both ide channel 0 and 1 devices to NOT be dma (PIO instead) but, this is connected to the notebook via usb2, so would the changes in the ide channels matter?. if i have been wasting time, that’s cool. good experience, at least. and i allways enjoyed this site, lots of good info. oh yeah, when i burn an audio disk using nero (only burning software installed) i get illegal disk errors or it just stops burning at different points, usually 20% and in the 80% range. i have tried this on two different notebokks with the same results.
thanks for looking.

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Okay, firstly don’t force your IDE channels to PIO. They must be in DMA mode.

Secondly the DRU-800A should work in an external enclosure but I only recommend the Prolific chipset as many other will not perform well above 10-12x. I don’t know what the nexStar2 uses.

Thirdly, remove 4.71.2 using killASPI and then install version 4.60 or just place the Nero ASPI file WNASPI32 in the system32 folder. I recommend the latter.