i have a dvdwr Sony DRU-710A and i try to upgrade firmware BY01 with new BYX4
i try this in dos
everything ok but at new boot bios recognise the device dru-xxxx but in the windows not recognize and he try to read a cd or a dvd but nothing.
how can i resolv this problem?
i try everything version of dru-710a firmware and liteon sohw but nothing happening.
i try everything version of this bin and versions with omnipatcher.
can u help me ?

why have you tried it in dos the first time?

anyway, download mtkflash and a byx4.bin firmware. go in real dos mode, start mtkflash and press the eject button of the drive for ~5seconds, so mtkf can recognize the flashtype. then enter the right command to flash the firmware.

i try again what you say but, green led blinking and windows don’t recognize him and i need to write a patched version with omnipatcher for stop blinkinng led or crosfading
but the problem is why windows don’t recognize this device ? i have a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and into another computer windows Me recognize him but with errors (a simple removable device)
what can i do?


not work i try this byx4 and blinking led and him don’t recognize nothing (cd or dvd)
in bios is recognize but in windows no
another solution?

it’s the only solution.

download this: http://s53.yousendit.com/d.php?id=YG9ULWGTRXCG2PZ3CDFV6YSKS

start mtkflash (v1.80 in archive) in REAL DOS MODE! then follow the steps from my previous post.
make sure you use the correct command.

i try what do you say in real dos and i use command (mtkflash 4 w /b /m byx4.bin) …chip erase …bank01 ok…bank15 ok reboot your pc and the green led blinking with te hdd led and windows not recognize him
this solution don’t work
how can i stop led blinking?
can i use a crosfading bin? or omnipacher ?
with patched bin led don’t blinking but…windows dont’t recognise him only bios

have you downloaded the archive from my link above?

the firmware is already patched so it cannot blink with the hdd light…?!

sorry but with this firmware the led of the dvdwr and hdd blinking
i don’t known what can i do. i have loose 5 hours whith this damnit device
with every version of firmware used (liteon or sony) nothing happening
why windows don’t recognise him?
in dos it is recognise (mscd00x device) but…can’t read cd or dvd
i have instaled nero enterprise full edition (250mg)

if you have correctly flashed it in real dos it must be recognized by windows…
try this: open the device manager, remove the drive if it’s listed and reboot.

in the device driver device don’t exist
please say if this is the correct comand line for mtkflash 1.80? (mtkfalsh (1/2/3/4) w /b /m file.bin)? if not please write a correct line
and how can i escape fom blinking led? and why don’t recognize cd or dvd media?

is the drive on ide1 or 2, master or slave?

the drive is in ide 2 slave

Mtkflash 4 W /m Byx4.bin

with your command chipset erase an updating…00% but ERR:input file format mismatched! it’s not good line command
i’m trying to use pflash but …eroor in atapi command
with mtkflash 1.83c flash works with patched firmware but in windows …nothing …device is not recognized in device manager is missing

is the drive recognized in BIOS?

yes the bios recognise him and when i boot with a 98 diskboot in dos the device is recognize mscd000…

what can i use to write a eprom for this device in dos?

your eeprom surely isn’t damaged. and you shouldn’t flash another drives eeprom, it could damage your drive.

because i can’t see him in windows i can’t use eeprom utility to reset my laser diode because he can’t read nothing cd or dvd is another utility or solution to repair or calibrate this laser fascicol? in dos? because i can’t see the device in windows