DRU-710A Best Firmware?

hello …
I am at my wit’s end trying out BY02, BY03 and BYX2 … none of them are giving me satisfactory burns … :confused:

now … should I use BS41, or CS09 ?? … and still have the name DRU-710A in Device Manager??

What’s ther best FW for RICOHJPNR01 Sony 4X DVD+R Media and Sony S11 DVD+RW 4X ??? … BY02 and BYX2 don’t give me excellent burns …

Also … does flashing my FW too many times affect the drive and it’s burning quality??


If you flash to Liteon firmware then you will lose your 710A ID, as this is stored in the firmware. But if this is a real issue for you (like OEM software) then I can change it for you. :wink:

CS09 works well with Sony R01 but not well with S11. I think BS41 is your best bet for both.

There is virtually no limit on the number of times you can flash your drive (10,000-100,000 times).

thank you for the fast reply … :slight_smile:

if you could be kind enough to send me a BS41 with the Sony DRU-710A id?? … I would be highly obliged … :slight_smile:

would this BS41 FW have the Increased Reading Speed, Auto Bit Setting and the Recommended Tweaks applied too???


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I’ll send you a link to it on my web site, when it’s ready. You can still use OmniPatcher to do all of the patches yourself. :wink:

thank you very much C0deKing … :slight_smile:

just one more thing … I would still be able to do 8X on JPNR01 on BS41 right?? :look:

^^ You’ll need to use OP to enable 8X +R on the disc.

Yes, as long as you apply the recommended tweaks or manually switch R01 to R02. You can’t just increase the speed of R01, as there is no 8x strategy assigned to it in the 3S firmware. :wink:

alrighty … methinks im getting the hang of this now … :slight_smile: :smiley:

Here’s the link to a flasher version of BS41 with the Sony 710A ID:

thank you very much … :slight_smile: :bow:

Any chance C0deKing, cany you do the same for BS0S to show the Sony 710A ID:

I am using BS0S at present with no problems but shows LiteOn would be nice if showed sony.



i got a dismal scan with BS41 … on S11 SONY … BY02 is gicing me a much better scan … :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to a flasher version of BS0S with the Sony 710A ID:

Thanks C0deKing

flashed and now displays Sony 710A.
Software now works with it correctly.

Thanks again


I have the OEM version of the 710A (DWD22A),what advantages can I expect flashing it to the firmware recommended to Sammy above? This question is directed to CodeKing,and anyone else who knows…Thanks to all…

if you have a nero oem version, that only works with sony drives, then there’s no other way to update to newer firmware than with a renamed one. sony doesn’t release much firmwares, but liteon does.

BS0S is a good firmware. i get better results than with sony’s (BY01/02/03/X2).
if your burning programm does work with all drives, you can also flash to cs09, your drive will become a 1653s.

my D22A works best with BYX2 firmware

Hi, I’m sorry to bump this thread but, I am very confused here. :confused:

I have a store-bought Sony DRU-710A and want a quality firmware. Which one of these firmwares should I use…? If there’s no real or easy way to compare, which one is newer (ASSuming Newer Is Better™)?

Also, whichever one you guys recommend, should I also run it through OmniPatcher and apply the “recommended tweaks”?


Hey, just wanna to share info. I have Sony DRU-710A with initial f/w:BY02. Once I upgraded to f/w:BYX2, I received error message from Nero Burning Rom v6.3.1.6 (vob.file): “Illegal Disc”, it goes similar for Nero for 4x DVD-R but it is ok with 4x DVD+R. I tried to use Omnipatcher v1.3.18 to tweak the media with different writing strategies, it then I re-flash the drive with the modified firmware. It works!!! FYI, the media code for both 4x DVD-R and 4x DVD+R are shown in attachments. Well, I have another friend encountered the same problem like me, and he use f/w:BSOS and it solves the problem!:slight_smile: