DRU-700A in External USB Enclosure


has anyone managed to get the Sony DRU-700A DVD writer working in an external USB enclosure? If yes, in what enclosure?

Thanks. Harry.

Hi Harry, I’m new here with my own set of problems to inquire about but I thought I’d let you know my experience so far. I bought the Sony DRU-700A drive and an ADS Dual Link Drive Kit from CompUSA. Now the drive does work, I have backed up a couple of movies, converted some home videos and backed up some data, no problem using firewire or USB. I have however run into a small problem where the drive seems to freeze up near completion of the disk at times, the light continues to blink as if it’s burning but the progress bar remains still. I’m not sure if it’s the drive, the case or the Memorex media I used, so far not too thrilled with my new burner at all, hopefully it’s just the media to blame, who knows…

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know