DRU-510A Speed problem


Can write to DVD+RW at 4x and it’s great (better than my old DRU-500A).

DVD-R is detected as 4x but takes 1/2 an hour so writes at only 2x, help!

I am running firmware v1.0d (latest) and my old DRU-500A had no trouble with my ritek disks at 4x…

i’ve been having the same problem as you, and i sent it yesterday to sony for repair,and now i have 2 wait 2 or 3 weeks

I do not need to be reading this now!! I just picked up this drive today:eek:

UPDATE: I just burned my first disk and mine also is only burning 4x DVD-R media at 2x. I was using 4x Fuji DVD-R discs. What’s the deal? I am not a happy camper:a

I’m going to flash to an older firmware later today, watch this space!

Sony drives are hit & miss with ritec -r go4 discs,sometimes firmware change will help but not always.