Dru-510a max read speed 4x

it seems my new dru-510a sets itself to a max speed of 4x when ripping safedisc 2.x (battlefield 1942 - secret weapons)

dunno why it does this, the crx 145e goes at a high speed liek 20 or so when ripping on it

fast error skip, read sub channel data

There are many things that could cause it to go that slow. One would be Smart-Burn, not sure if your drive has that. Another is that it could be the media that you are using. The most likely one is that you don’t have DMA turned on for that drive, so it’s in PIO mode which is slow as crap. Just go into the drive properties and change it. Or if your in XP go to the device manger and find the propertied of the IDE controller and make sure it’s on. If for one reason or another it’s in PIO mode on XP when it should be in DMA uninstall the controller then reboot.

it’s runna udma 2 at the moment
th smartburn thing, is it disable’able?

tried messing around with other settings to no avail:(

6-7 minutes on the crx-145e and over 20 on the dru-510a
it allows me to select 32x rip speed but after i rip an cd (at 4x it slows too) it just lets me select 4x only

this is interestign just a standard data cd reads at teh speed of the crx145e, but the safedisc one slows down to 4x in the dru510a, any idea’s why that’d occur?

Perhaps the DRU doesn’t support fast error skipping or such, because safedisc has a lot of errors. Just because you can set an option doesn’t mean that it will work.

at the start the error skip seems to go at same speed as other drive, then it starts ripping at the slow 4x so i guess it does have error skip ability but maybe not fast or soemthing, kinda annoying but im happy the other drive at least does it