DRU-500AX, Sony is a P>O>S> drive



I’ve always thought of the SONY name being associated with quality. I don’t any more. I bought a Sony dvd burner in June of 2003, it went out in April of 2004, and I received a replacement in May. It has gone out again. guess what? warranty is only one year, so I have a piece of shit junk drive. If I had burned a couple hundred DVDs, I wouldn’t be too upset, but I’ve made 50 DVDs at most.
I contacted tech support, and get the standard response “sorry, warranty expired crap.” I asked about a trade-in, some kind of credit…Nope. Buy a new one.

Sony will NEVER get my business again, and I’m going to let everyone know what kind of crap they produce now.


Cant argue with anything you say as i have had many drives but i must say the sony dru500ax has gave me the most trouble out of any of them…
I also wont go sony again my next dvd burner is either going to be a NEC or a LITEON (moving towards NEC more on a daily basis because of the vast number of posts on various fourms complaining about the liteon)
Back to the sony dru500ax i tried all media,all firmware,and all sorts of different master\slave combinations . Also various other things but no way would it write at more than 2x (should be 4x)…