DRU-500A / Invalid Fieldin CDB?




i have problem with my DRU-500A using DVD Decrypter . i have used DVD Decrypter for more than month with my 500A but today i got a strange problem .

after i make the Image with IC i tried to burn it with DVD Decrypter using Ritek 2X media, but before it start burn i got a message :

( Failed to reserve Track - Invalid Fieldin CDB ) !!!

what is that ?? i always use DVD Decrypter with Ritek 2X media without a problem .

when i use Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R it start burn ok and buffer is OK but at 98% i got the same message ( CDB ) when it comes to lead out.

i tried to burn some file on DVD+RW with nero and it’s OK even CD’s OK.

but the probelm is DVD Decrypter …

i use ASPI 4.6.

is there another program to burn IC image ??

thanks …:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


ok after i burn the pdi image with Verbatim DVD+RW and it also give me the same error in the end, i tried to make image from the DVD+RW and it’s work now .

i can burn ISO image with the same Ritek media .

so i think the problem is with pdi format …

so is it safe to convert pdi to ISO then burn it ??

what program can do this ??


there is an app called PDITOOL that can either extract the contents of a pdi file(s) or convert it to ISO. Works very well for me. A quick Google shows this site with PDITOOL:


thank you very much i will try it .

any one have idea we did i got this message ( CDB ) ?? before every things work ok only now . even i reinstall the windows and still get this message .