DRU-18a: Tray stays open with 812s/832s drivers (Sony DRU830A DVD Burner)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony 18X DVD Burner. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I was trying to check out Windows 7. It told me that it needed drivers for the dvd rom. So I started searching. After searching I found out that sony doesn’t offer drivers for the dru-18a. So, I ultimately ended up here. From my research, the dru-18a is basically the same thing as a Lite-On 812s. I dowloaded the firmware, and Omnipatcher. upon restart, the tray opens, and stayed open. I’ve tried different firmwares(like the 832s crossflash) and still the tray remains open. Any ideas?

You’d have to flash back to your original firmware, as you have a different hardware version from other DRU-700/SOHW-832 drives that requires a different firmware version [your door opens and closes the opposite way of the other drives].

Note that firmware is NOT the same thing as drivers, though.

Thanks for the response. So, in a nut shell… what you’re saying is that my dvd-rom won’t accept other firmware? or that I shouldn’t have deleted my original drivers?

Again, the firmware is not the same thing as a driver. But yes, you shouldn’t have changed from your original firmware; it won’t accept a normal 832S/DRU-700A/DW-D18A firmware.

You’ll need to restore the original firmware [or an updated version of that specific type of DW-D18A firmware, for drives with belt driven trays] on the drive for it to work properly again.

If you want to try to recover the use of the drive, try to flash the firmware found here [being sure to select the version for belt-driven drives] with the Flash Utility. It may or may not work; if it doesn’t, there are other alternatives.

Awesome! Got it back working. Now to figure out why Windows 7 won’t see the drivers for the drive. Thanks a million! 1 question. The dvd drive was able to write at like 19.x times before (judging on what clone dvd said was max speed) I normally only wrote at 2x or 4x, was the speed wrong on the program?

Can you take a screenshot of exactly what you see, why you say it doesn’t see drivers for the drive?

I’m not familiar with how Clone DVD calculates the max speed, but I think it probably was reporting the maximum speed that it reached in maybe creating an image for writing, or a sudden burst of data through the system to the drive. In reality, it’s only reached [at most] the highest speed you selected.

It just shows max speed availible, it never reaches that 20X speed. Thanks again for all your help. Do you know where I can get drivers for the dru-18a? Sony doesn’t give them out. They just say that the OS will recognize them automatically. I’d like to get them and burn them to a disk in a format that windows 7 would recognize as drivers (tried copying them from system 32).That didn’t work. If it comes down to it, I guess I can try my fiance’s dell dvd rom. See if win7 likes that one better. Or possible copy the win7 iso to a portable harddrive? and boot from that?

The drive really shouldn’t require any extra drivers; that’s the thing. There is one generic driver that works with all optical drives. :wink: That’s why I ask to see a screenshot of what exactly you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

Are you burning using that drive [the DW-D18A] from within Windows 7? If so, your drive is working fine, and something else needs drivers.

Yeah, it burned the Win7 DVD. I don’t know how to take a screenie from the windows install process. Wouldn’t think it would be possible shrugs. It could be a corrupt download, or a bad burned copy of the software. I’ve read some forums on that issue, and that seems to be a problem for some.

I need some clarification:

Have you gotten Windows 7 installed, and it’s telling you this now that it’s installed; or did this only occur during the attempt to install Windows 7?

If it only happened during the attempt to install Windows 7, did it actually stop the installation process from finishing, or just warn you and allow you to finish?