Dropping Titles in IC8 & CloneDVD

Recent versions of CloneDVD make an excellent job of allowing you to drop individual titles. I made a comment about this on another thread, saying at the same time that while IC7 purported to allow you to do this, in practice the resultant DVD would probably not play.

I was taken to task by an IC8 user, who told me that the latest version of InstantCopy would do the job and could delete titles safely.

I now have my copy of IC8 and find that:

a) It only deletes titlesets, not titles.
b) The resultant DVD still doesn’t play!

This seems to be no advance at all on IC7. Apart from the ‘high-speed’ mode, which only one person in a hundred will use anyway, there seems to be no gain in upgrading. Moreover, Pinnacle still uses that awful PDI format, which means you have to incur more time overhead turning PDI files into regular DVD files (so you can test them before burning and, as like as not, correct them with IFOEdit). Very disappointing.

So, as far as I’m aware, the only transcoder able to drop individual titles is CloneDVD and for this reason as much as any other it is my transcoder of choice.

I expect that Shrink/Nero Recode 2 will offer the same feature before long. If and when they do, I think the game will be over for the other transcoder writers who work on a commercial footing.


IC8 does remove titles and not titlesets

some titles may have linked cells so IC therefore removes more titles than what you wish. There are simple IFO hacks that you can do use unlink the cells in the affected titles you wish to remove. It all depends on the user if they want to do it. I’ve used it months ago and it works quite well as does the dirty IFO hacks I also discovered that only IC accepts :slight_smile:

playback will all depend on the player used to play the DVD as some will accept it and some won’t as the DVD’s ain’t 100% compliant but luckily I had a player that accepted my dirty hacked IC DVD’s

Nero Recode already allows you to remove titles but it also seems to be affected by linked titles issue on certain DVD’s also

I don’t think any transcoders remove menu’s just yet but they normally contain the most unwanted material anyway. I only know of a few tools that offer this menu removal feature as an option but sadly they ain’t transcoders

It’s nothing to do with the player. The DVDs I have produced (or rather the group of files destined for the DVD) won’t even play on the computer. Examination of the same files shows quite clearly where the errors are occurring: missing ‘dummy’ VOBs, for instance. You click the menu, the jump takes place - and you land on Altair 4.

The fact remains: CloneDVD makes a proper job of it, with no hacks, and IC8 doesn’t. The additional encumbrances of slow speed and PDI files outweigh any quality advantages for me (and I’m not even persuaded that they exist).

I always wanted a transcoder that left me with a working chapter menu plus main movie. Almost everything else on most discs is dross. With CloneDVD I’ve got it.


Originally posted by Peter McCall
It’s nothing to do with the player. The DVDs I have produced (or rather the group of files destined for the DVD) won’t even play on the computer. Examination of the same files shows quite clearly where the errors are occurring: missing ‘dummy’ VOBs, for instance. You click the menu, the jump takes place - and you land on Altair 4.
how many DVD’s are we talking about that do not play on the PC? . It has quite a bit to do with the player as some such as PowerDVD seem to play just about anything. Some standalone players do actually play IC produced projects also. If they didn’t then every single IC user would be up in arms and Pinnacle would be hounded out of the DVDBackup world

I stated the way IC7 ‘butchers’ DVD’s earlier this year and the pitfalls this method has in these 2 links
LINK 1 and Link 2 but the feature was unsupported at the time anyway so nobody could really complain. Now they can with IC8 if they feel it doesn’t work. It doesn’t for some but some also swear by it so it must work sometimes but sometimes is not god enough for me as it is with others as coasters can be costly in more than just money terms

removing titles from a DVD is a very tricky business no matter which method/tool you use as you never know what hidden secrets they contain. Some DVD’s simply require certain titles never be removed unless you do some hacking here and there to compensate

simple projects of movie + menu/chapter menu’s are easy for most methods/tools and CloneDVD and Nero Recode both offer this as a feature. They however do not remove anything from the menu’s and you may have to watch a few announcements/logos before getting to the menu so it’s not exactly the way you want but it works :). I know removing the puops can help you speed up getting to the menu but I dont even want that

These two tools can also sometimes slip up as there is no one tool that can remove selective content and create a fully working backup each and everytime. Even manual methods are sometimes impossible to get what the user requires

I’m not suggesting people use IC8, I’m just saying it does removes titles on most occasions(linked titles are an issue as it is with most) and also produces ‘working’ DVD’s even if they are not fully compliant and Nero Recode does offer titlle removal in the same manner as CloneDVD

I don’t think any DVD is compliant once you begin messing with the structure. It’s just some tools do it better than others and whichever tool the user chooses is the one that best suits your needs :slight_smile:

That’s why I use a mixture as no one tool can produce what I require each and everytime as each users needs differ from the next, ranging from movie-only to full 1:1 content backups with plenty of inbetweens

‘to each his own’


I agree with just about everything you say. But, certainly, if I found that PowerDVD played something that my Pioneer 545 wouldn’t (or vice-versa for that matter), I would consider the DVD unsuccessful.

I keep a number of ‘problem’ discs for when I’m beta testing. These include ‘Das Boot’ (very long movie) and Disney’s ‘Lilo & Stitch’ (all Disney DVDs are authored to be a pain in the arse, and this one is a particularly good attempt).

Remember, I’m not trying to be clever when I’m making my own DVDs, (which isn’t the case when I’m testing, of course, when I really try to break things). All I want for my own use is the menu and the movie.

I tried this with L&S and it was just insane: it simply didn’t work. I won’t bore you with all the details here, suffice to say it was a complete mess.
I thought then that I’d be fair and try something more typical; I chose XMen-2. This has only three titles, the main movie and a couple of trailer things (I’m talking about PAL versions in all cases). I removed the two trailers and the result was still unplayable. I checked the difference between the files generated by CloneDVD, which did play, and those from IC8. The thing that immediately sprang out was that the IC8 version was missing VTS_02.VOB and VTS_03.VOB. With CloneDVD these were present, but very small files and obviously substitutes for the originals. By copying these files to the IC8 folder (plus a little more fiddling with IFOEdit) I did manage eventually to get it to play. The point is, I shouldn’t have needed to.

And while it is very likely true what you say about ‘no one tool…’, the fact remains that I have not yet come across a DVD that is defeated by CloneDVD.

I think that if Olli and the gang introduce settable compression ratios, a la DVDShrink, the transducer will reign supreme. (Until Shrink implements working title removal, that is;) )


yeah, the Disneys are the testers when making backups :eek:

as you say IC removes VOB’s and you cannot completely remove a VOB and hope it plays as most players will just refuse it unless you do some serious DVD restructuring

CloneDVD works well as I have seen how it works but it has it’s limitations but it’s one of the best when it comes to stripping the crap :wink:

some DVDShrink and strip after with CloneDVD/Recode or vice versa to get even more control over the output

I guess people just use the method that suits them best and it’s nice to hear you have found yours :slight_smile:

I ain’t bothered running it through more than one tool as long as I get exactly what I want and that may involve some extra processing

I know I ain’t the fussiet even though I do this as I have seen some of the stripping/reauthoring guides :eek: