Dropped xternal drive can it be saved?

I dropped my Lacie 120gb external harddrive during a presentation, now when I attach to the computer, it powers up and the disc spins, but not recognized. Im told the controller is screwed, have tried all the tricks, and Im wondering, if it would be possible to take the seagate drive out of it, and put into another LaCie or similiar and retrieve the data? Is this possible???:confused: Any other solutions?


normally, you can open the case (unfortunately, this is often destructive) and remove the HDD in order to install it anywhere else.

You might check Lacie support website in order to see if there are dismantling instructions available.


Put it in the freezer for an hour, take it out and see if it now works. The controller probably got jammed and the cold sometimes will unjam it.

how far did it fall?

I’ve got a WD Passport drive that is as almost as dead as Julius Caesar (it spins but does nothing else) and it was subjected
to a drop of only 4-6" onto a hardwood table.

I’ve never heard of a drive surviving a 4foot fall.


There are companies out there that will actually get the data for you. It isn’t cheap though. Go to the manufacturers web site and they will have links and stuff to some of these companies. Good luck. I hope you didn’t have a lot of info on it.