Dropped my brand new Pioneer 109

Yesterday I bought a Pioneer 109 DVD burner and not 30 seconds after taking it out of the shop, accidentally dropped it on the ground from about 5 feet up.

When I got it home and powered it up the tray wouldn’t open, so it was taken apart and examined. The motor that runs the tray had broken the connection to the PCB it was connected to. It seems the motor isn’t really mounted in the drive, it is only located by the pins that solder to the PCB.

The motor has been connected up and the drive reassembled.
The only tests I have done since then is I have burned a RW disk that would work in my old drive, and burnt 1G of data to a DVD-R disk, both succesfully burnt and reread in other drives.
Hopefully I haven’t done any more damage than the tray motor.

Just thought I’d share this story, for interest and amusement.

i remember when i got my 108 i thought i hope i dont drop this thing on the way home (oem wasnt boxed), wonder what would have happened if you had gone back in the shop and said hey look its dented i want a new one :slight_smile:

Same here, it wasn’t boxed. There is a slight dent on the plastic at the front, you wouldn’t know unless you really look.
:slight_smile: Maybe not a new one but how about cash back?
Problem with me I’m too honest :slight_smile:

Maybe i should not say this but you could always take it back and try and get it replaced…

Nice story, self repairs rule :slight_smile:

Well done lad! I would have just got it exchanged.

Since the repair I haven’t had any problems, I just hope there isn’t something that will fail after time where it normally wouldn’t.

If I took it back, it would probably be replaced because the shop I go to doesn’t argue with customers, from what I have seen.
Thanks for the repairs compliments, I usually service my own items as I am in the electronics industry and know what can be done.

I also took some pictures, but only with a 1.3Mp camera, I might share them later if I get the chance.


yes, the pictures would be worth seeing.


yes, we are of the same inclination (exchange it).

Yeah, but I’d like to see the pics just in case it happens out of warranty. Also, maybe you could write a quick guide?


Only one photo really came out well.
HERE is the web page I quickly made to host it.

I opened the drive up again and took some new photos. I also updated the page and a quick explination of each photo.

Not really a guide but there isn’t much to tell. What I have written isn’t worded very well but you’ll get the idea.

If the photos need highlighting as to what parts I am talking about just let me know and I can add that later.

Good website, just hope this never happens to me!