Dropped Log In

I think you have an excellent site. Full of knowledgeable people. I’ll help others when I can cause thats what it’s all about. Vbulletin hosts many webpages across the internet and I belong to about 15 different forums, from Minivans to electrical maintenance, I’ve found vbulletin sites to be very stable. I don’t know how long you’ve been on this vbulletin but i’ve seen forums begin with them with all kinds of bugs.
My complaint is that in being here for 3 days now, I get logged off every half hour. When I go to answer a post I always check to make sure I am logged in at the top of the page. Then after writing my reply and before I hit submit post I check again to see if I am still logged in. I then hit submit new thread and am taken to a page that says I am not logged in. Hmmm so I re log in and am redirected back to my post which of course you hit submit. Then on returning to the page and you see a double post and figure people must really think you’re a Newbie. Also I have tried 3 different .gif avatars and all are posted and do not move. Everyone elses move. Oh well as time goes by I am sure if anyone can figure out the problems it will be you guys at CDFreaks. Good Site

Also, How do you PM sombody, I don’t see a button