Dropped frames using Nero 6.3 video capture

Looking to see if any one else is having a problem with Nero dropping frames during capture.
I am trying to transfer some VHS tapes to DVD and figure I would try Nero 6.3. Works great until the file size reaches 1.6 gigs then it startes to drop frames. I know that it is not my system, I am able to capture RAW AVI files greater then 40 gigs with out lossing any frames using Vegas Video 3.0 or other programs.

Anyone with similar problems or know of a solution to fix this.


Oct 2004

I am having the same problem. I am using a conexant chipset capture card called
Pixel View that I just bought for about $50. My system is w2k sp4 amd sempron

2400 333 FSB, 512MB ram. My file size is smaller at about 300MB of video caputure

to mpge2 with Nero 6.3 The cpu goes from 100% down to about 70% then zigzags up

and down +/- 5% around the 70% utilization mark. I then get continous dropped

frames / dropping frames. I am going to try the xp 3000 - 333 fsb next.

cc my email if you have a solution or info on the problem: pcofranc
AT yahoo