Dropdown based dvd menu

Hello ,

I have recently joined the group. I have created 40 video songs. I want all this 40 songs should be listed in one dropdown menu insted of seaperate slideshow for each song.

Please Help me

I don’t think you will be able to use drop down menus in a dvd video.

You could make a menu page and list each video with text instead of thumbnails. Link the text for each video to each separate video.

You can do this either on the main window of the menu, or create a submenu that you access with a button on the main window.

You can do this in DVDLab Pro I know. (not a free program but there is a free, fully functional trial). GUIforDVDAuthor is free and should be able to do this as well.

thanks for the help. It helped me a lot

i have downloded the dvd lab pro.

& I have created menus and submenus as u suggested

now i want all the movie in submenu should be played one by one

instead of selecting each movie seaperately