Dropbox posts first quarterly report, posts huge loss


Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/dropbox-posts-first-quarterly-report-posts-huge-loss-84236/

The number of paid subscribers to online cloud storage service Dropbox increased with 2.2 million the last year. The American company now serves 11.5 million paying customers, according to the first quarterly report of Dropbox since its IPO in March this year.


I found for what you get compared to Microsoft and Google it’s rather expensive. I used to use the 1TB version at work but when I left and it expired I just went back to basic free with 5 Gig of storage.


I use DropBox free and have no problem with storage or transfers.


I haven’t used Dropbox for years after they suspended my account and deleted all my files for no valid reason. Actually, nobody I know uses it anymore, most just use OneDrive or Google Drive.


Which makes it a less target of malware…:slight_smile:


You’ll notice I said above “for no valid reason”, I think malware in the files would be a “valid reason”…:wink: