Drop in replacement burner for Sanyo DRW-1000

I have a sanyo DRW-1000 DVD-r/rw recorder.
It will recognize a cd but not a dvd(of any type)
The warranty expired, so I opened the case and there is an IDE burner. It is not marked in any way; i found the partnumber of the burner, LG RL-01A, by installing it into a PC.
I realize most/all burners have their own drivers.
I called SANYO, for specific information on purchasing a replacement, and got a complete run-around; everyone they sent me to eventually indicated that I had to take it back to walmart regardless of warranty expiration.

Is there a direct replacement burner or hack for a replacment burner for my machine?


Any luck with this? I have the same burner in a Go Video 3930 that wont read anything anymore. Ideas?

Same issue with mine. I didn’t see if you had a resolution…anything? :confused:

I have 2 of these units and would like to swap the DVD out for a dual format 16X drive. My thoughts are, the firmware is the issue. I’m thinking if you take the drive out and connect to a desktop, possibly copy the firmware and load that onto a new DVD±R, you could have a faster more capable unit. But, I’m wondering if you replace the firmware of a good DVD±R unit, will it then lose all it’s capabilities?
Worth a shot, considering the cost of a dual format DVDR is down to under $40 US. If anyone tries this before I get the chance, please post your results. I may get the time to experiment as soon as I have another failure. :slight_smile: