Drop in HD quality when converting WMV file using DVD writer



My movie on WMV file format was converted to DVD by using windows 7 DVD writer.

I tested both results by playing both on the same TV. I copied WMV file on USB and played this with excellent viewing. Than I played the DVD and found that this showed a lot of fuzziness and by comparison was unacceptable viewing.

Can you assist in improving the viewing quality of the DVD.

I am not very technical but would follow all instructions, if you may have and report my findings.


I’m not familiar with a program called Windows 7 DVD Writer. Perhaps you mean Windows DVD Maker?

DVD-video uses a different video codec than WMV files. So, to make a normal DVD-video, you must convert the video.

I suggest using AVStoDVD for this conversion. It is free to use: http://www.videohelp.com/software/AVSTODVD When you have finished the conversion, burn to a disc with ImgBurn, or your regular burning program.

I have written a guide for using AVStoDVD. You can find the link just below, in my signature.


Oh, and I noticed in your title that you say a “drop in HD quality”. If your WMV file is actually high definition (720p or above), you will not be able to retain all the detail when going to DVD-video, since that format is always standard def resolution.

To retain the most quality when converting with AVStoDVD, I recommend always using the HC encoder that is included with the program, and use it in a two pass encode.