Drop down Menus

I can’t seem to access the CD Freaks drop down and the News drop down due to a advert being in front of the list.

Is there a way around this?

Yes you could use an add blocker but the adverts are there for a obvious reason…

They may be there for a reason, but if they block the user from accessing the site ie: I cant log in because the stupid f$%king ad window is covering all drop down menus, then they are self defeating for the site.

Unfortunately the part that needs to be changed to make the drop down menus working when the ad is a Flash animation is delivered by the ad company and we have no way to change this code.

So why not put the ad window above the drop down menu list?

i cant submit news :frowning:

We all know that ads are needed for CDFreaks.com. But it is true that the drop down menus dont work because of the ads. So like already been said. Maybe it’s a good idea to put the ads above the Drop down menus. It’s just an idea…

Looks like it fixed now. You mouse to the drop down ad goes away on my end anyway. Thanx to whoever fixed it.

Still the same by me. :frowning:

It depends on what the (external) ad-server sends to you. If it’s only an image (gif for example), everything works as expected. But if you get a flash animation, the menus won’t work. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to change this at the moment. The code that embeds the flash animation needs to be changed but unfortunately that code is sent from an external server.

Ok. I understand. Thx for the reply.

Greets MRCloner

Firefox with the Adblock plugin can easily fix this.