Droog is a rip off...do not buy from them



I been dealing from this people for a while
and they send me some bad cd's not once but three times and they will not replace them and they ignore your e-mail.that sucks..so beware..I return their bad cd's
still nothing from them..


I totally disagree !!

I have been buying from droog MANY times, and
there has not been any kind of problems.

Once I got a faulty disc, they replaced it in the next order without any hazzle.

As you may not know, droog was almost busted some weeks ago and has made some changes to his business.

They are now working from here: http://gordongrimley.com/main.html


Well good for you…
That still does not change my situation, right!!!By the way if you such a believer
Write them and tell them my situation.see
What the respond is…I bet if it happen to you…You wouldn’t be so happy…


Of course…if the situation is exactly as you stated. No offence, but if I talk to droog he might have a different way of seeing things.

I have tried a LOT of dealers and my conclution is that they are the most reliable

Buying piracy is always a risk…