Droid 2

Got one yesterday . . . this thing is saweet. :iagree:

Anyone else get one?

Hey bob!

Sounds like an awesome Android phone ~ were you already an Android user? I’ve just switched over recently from Nokia (Symbian Touch) to Android (HTC Wildfire currently), and I really enjoy it! But the Droid 2 has some really strong specs, which my Wildfire lacks :frowning:

Already installed many apps? How is the camera? :bigsmile:

I’m a brand new Android user. I jumped off the iPhone wagon. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I haven’t had a ton of time to really get to know this phone and all that it can do, but from what I’ve seen so far it is definitely worth the switch.

The camera is decent enough. 5 Mp isn’t too bad. I haven’t transferred any pictures to my PC yet so I’m not sure how good they’ll look blown up/printed.

I bought the Media Dock with my Droid 2 and absolutely love it. I’m streaming Pandora at work as I’m typing this in my cube.

I’m seriously considering getting the Car Dock as well . . .

5MP should make decent pictures, at least for web purposes and sharing with friends via email. The real problem I noticed with the HTC Wildfire was battery life, any problems with that on the Droid? Media Dock sounds nice, makes you use your phone even better huh :wink: