DRM.WMV files

I did a search and didn’t really find anything that specifically addresses my question.

I recently downloaded a video file XXX.drm.wmv. Having paid full price for it, I foolishly thought that I would be able to ‘edit’ the file and create a DVDR using one of two DVD creator programs I have.

I soon discovered that I needed to obtain a license, which I did, to even play it on my Windows Media player. But that is all I could do. As I understand it, I can really only play it on the PC that ‘has’ the DRM license. I can’t even play it on another video player other than the Windows Media player.

What I intended to do was ‘open’ the file with one of my DVD creators so I could encode it and burn it into a DVDR so I could play it on my standard DVD player and view it on my TV screen.

I found a couple of software packages that would convert (remove the DRM stuff) the file to an ordinary xxx.wvm file. Most notably Aimersoft Media Converter. I think this will solve my problem.

My question is - Is there a cheaper way to do this (that package costs $35)?


This is not something I have dealt with, but there are some clues to be found through Google searches.

This tutorial, for instance, using the free tool FairUse4WM: http://stream-recorder.com/forum/tutorial-remove-drm-wmv-windows-xp-freeware-t5461.html?

The commercial tool I have heard about for this is Tunebite Platinum, but it is slightly more expensive than your Aimersoft program.

I don’t have any videos of this kind so I can’t say this will work.
I ran across this & have suggested it before for audio files.I don’t have any DRM protected files so I haven’t tried it & no one has told me it worked for them.
Watch this YouTube:
I couldn’t get the linkto work so copy it & add the http://www.youtube.com to the front of it .Then paste it in your browsers address window.
This is the non working link if it helps:
You can do a search at YouTube with this:
Convert DRM Protected WMA Music File

Now try this:
Simply put in the YouTube video
1.He uses Nero to make an image file of the protected download.
So you need software that will make an image file from the downloaded file or files.Maybe ImgBurn.
2. A virtual drive to mount the image file in.
The one I have is VirtualClone drive.
3. A converter software to convert the file on the virtual drive,He converts to .mp3
Please let us know what you try & if it worked.

Thanks, Kerry56. Quite a bit of info. It’s probably my stupidity, but I couldn’t find a specific link where I could actually download the program (FairUse4WM). :frowning:

Here is one:

The latest seems to be at the rapidshare link here: http://undrm.info/remove-DRM-protection/FairUse4WM-freeware-DRM-removal-Windows-software-Strip-copy-protection-from-WMV-ASF-WMA-Windows-Media-Player.htm

I found a download at http://fileforum.betanews.com/download/FairUse4WM/1156529648/1and was able to download the mirakagi.zip which contains the FairUse4WM 1.3 DRM remover.


After reading through the Instructions it became obvious (at least to me) that this software is for licensed Napster music files. If I understand the Instructions it’s necessary to install the Napster plug-in for Windows Media Player.

No mention is made of video files.

I’m not interested in any music files, from Napster (or any other place).

My problem is with licensed video files.

I do appreciate your trying to help me.

I guess I’m going to accept that I need to buy the $35 Aimersoft Media Converter.