DRM shows its evil after provider plans disabling bought music

I just posted the article DRM shows its evil after provider plans disabling bought music.

  Most  consumers of DRM crippled music download services are well aware of at least  some of the restrictions in place, such as being limited to 

listening to their music on certain PCs to what…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11921-DRM-shows-its-evil-after-provider-plans-disabling-bought-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11921-DRM-shows-its-evil-after-provider-plans-disabling-bought-music.html)

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This is guess this is the new business model, pay, then pay and maybe pay again. DRM makes this all possible and if you don’t like it, soon there will be no way to get music from even the radio. Guess you will have to do without and if you use p2p there will be long stays in jail or they will sue you so that you don’t have the money to feed yourself.
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A new acronym for DRM - Doesnt Really Matter… They will never get it…

Doesn’t Really Matter to me, either. When I purchase a download, I assume a somewhat degraded final product. So, while still logged in, I burn it out once as CD Audio and the rip it back in as 160Kbps WMA or MP3 which is no longer DRM’d. My main use is in a $100 boombox primarily outdorrs while camping and the fidelity loss is imperceptible. So it Doesn’t Really Matter anyway. :g

What did you expect? The purpose of DRM was never to stop piracy (even if that’s what the media provider said), but to create a constant revenue stream. The best way to create a revenue stream is by selling a service, not a product. They sell you the songs as a service (i.e. it will play for a month), and if you want to listen some more, pull out this credit card of yours.

…and just like the greed mongers in the industry, I’m betting the dumb ass public will just keep on spending their money while they get less and less. It is a shame how easy it is to manipulate a modern society like they are a bunch of sheep…just incredible.

Oh and what about your fair use rights ? :d And I always believed DRM stood for Draconian Rights Mangled :B

No wonder P2P usage is going up already. The more they keep up their path of tyranny, the more they’ll go down in flames. P.S.: In case you people didn’t know, there are methods and/or freeware/opensource programs to remove DRM. You can always do a google search for those.

I’m surprised this isn’t againt Dutch consumers laws. Or maybe it is and the company is simply hoping nothing will be done about it…

A few years ago a major ISP spoke of offering music downloads (I don’t recall through what service) and when you read the print, you discovered you were [I]renting[/I] the music by the month. I don’t know if they are still offering that “service”…