DRM Security Upgrade

I want to watch a streamed Video from V.

I get a DRM security Upgrade needed dialogue box wanting me to download from MS.

The owner of the protected content you are trying to access requires you to first upgrade some of the Microsoft digital rights management (DRM) components on your computer.

Click OK to upgrade your DRM components.


When you click OK, a unique identifier and a DRM security file are sent to a Microsoft service on the Internet. The file is replaced with a customized version that contains your unique identifier.

This increases the level of protection provided by DRM,

If I download this security upgrade will it interfere with anything else?

No it shouldn’t

It could interfere with the use of Fairuse4wm or tunebite however.

This appears to be the way Micror$oft is defeating fairuse4WM.
From personal experience, do not upgrade or remove and reinstall Rhapsody.
You will be forced to accept the security upgrade and this will change your Individualized Black Box DLL to the latest version that is not supported by fairuse4wm.
I was interested in trying MovieLink but when the installer wanted me to accept the security update, I backed off.


Unfortunately, this is what I was saying all the time. Everytime MS releases a new security update, softwares like fairuse4 are not working. Tunebite however is not affected by this, which is why a lot of users can relax, regarding those updates from MS :wink:

I use another conversion software (MelodyCan) and it`s work well too.

I use a spammer banning device that is much better.

… und Tschüss :cop:

I have both Tunebite and Muvaudio in my bag of tricks.
As long as I’m paying for the music, I will keep my present versions of
WMP and Rhapsody and kindly refuse any offers of an upgrade.:cool:
My weapon of choice remains fairuse4WM until MS hacks my computer and installs their security update without my permission.
I am kind of looking for an excuse to go back to the MAC since I started my computer adventure with an Apple II+.