DRM rights?

I purchased and downloaded a song from Napster, I wanted to use this song as background music for a slide show I’m making. I’m using Nero 7 Ultra Edition to produce said slide show. Anyway when I browse to the file of the song and try to add it to the project it brings up a message window about digital rights managment. I did pay for this song can I not use it for this?
This is just something I’m making to share with immediate family it will not be sold to the public. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I did pay the $.99 for the song and used Napster light when I downloaded the song.

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THe DRM (Digital Rights Management) used by most online music stores is intended to stop casual piracy, but unfortunately is a real pest when it comes to using the music for any other purpose other than playback on the PC or a handheld player. For example, the DRM will not allow one to edit the song (such as open it up in an audio editing tool), use it on an iPod (Napster’s DRM is not compatible with Apple’s DRM) or use it as a sound track in home video editing, similar to what you are trying to do.

The only way to get around the issue is to use Napster to write the song to CD and then rip the song back off as an MP3 track. As Audio CDs do not have native support for DRM, this is lost when the track is written to CD, so once you rip it back off, you can play it on handheld players that do not support DRM or use it in Nero for your slide show. :wink:

Depending on your jurisdiction, the tool here might be another option

That’s why DRM is commonly called Digital Restrictions Management

Thanks Sean thats all I had to do.:slight_smile: