DRM question



:eek: Recently when I used tunebite for the first time I noticed that it also records the Windows Media toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Is this my mistake or is there a way to remove this?


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Ok is there a way to bump this thread? I cannot believe I’m the first person to discover this. Tunebite v5 whilst converting displays the wmv file or similar using tbplayer. For some reason this shows a toolbar at the bottom. This toolbar is recorded on the output also.

I’ve trawled the Internet but not found an answer to this which makes me think I’m doing something silly. But if I am I cannot find what :sad:


I know I’ll just talk to myself.

Me: It was worth signing up here wasn’t it?
Me again: Of course, people so helpful, willing to share their knowledge
Me again: Yes I’m amazed people have the time to help one another out
Me again: Yes you’re right. And such an active forum I’m glad I took the time to look into this
Me again: I think I’ll approach this problem from a different angle now instead
Me again: Oh yes, how’s that then
Me again: Well I could forget all about this software which I’ve purchased since no one is willing to support it so I think I’ll just record what I need by playing off my laptop into my dvd recorder
Me again: Good idea.
Me again: Well nice chatting to you, maybe we’ll see you here again
Me again: Doubtful, I think I’d get more support down at the local schools computer club


I had the problem myself…
The last version on their site contains a fix, was the answer I got from the support guys.
I downloaded the last version from the website and everything seems to be ok:clap:.

You also might want to try their support forum here when having these kind of problems and nobody can answer: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f134/.