DRM Question



Is the DRM tied to the PC or to a users account?

I ask because I’m playing around with the napster to go software and I’ve downloaded a bunch of files to a shared network drive. When I go to play them on the machine that hosts the drive the other PC saved to I get the message I need to log into napster before playing. When I do so I’m then told it can’t play the files unless I restore/sync my collection, basically download all the files again. Isn’t this screwy?

I seem to remember reading a while back that the DRM access is granted to a PC and not to a user or account, but that was when looking at HDTV DVDs and WM9.

Is this really how things work? If not, how can my local files on the second PC play back the files downloaded from the first PC?


According to Microsoft’s DRM you can migrate your licensed content from one PC to another PC a limited number of times, however all they say is to play your protected content on the remote PC and it will bring up a browser window giving steps on how to migrate your licenses.

On the other hand according to Microsoft, if you upgrade or change your PC, you can move your licenses by backing them up on the original PC (Tools -> Manage Licenses… and click ‘Back up Now’) and restoring them on the new PC (Tools -> Manage Licenses… and click ‘Restore Now…’). This method deactivates them from the original PC and actives them on the new/upgraded PC.

However, from what I recall Napster’s subscription music can only be played on the PC the music was downloaded on while paid for music can be transferred to another PC up to a limited numer of times.


Interesting, different than normal, eh?

I’ll continue to play around and see what I can find out. I do know that when I tried to copy a file from one PC to another I got a message content protection and needing to upgrade something. But this wasn’t what I was intending to do, it was just a test.


It seems that you can “Import” the files into napster on a different PC and play those files within napster, however you can’t play those files outside of the napster client. Unless there’s some trick I don’t know about this sucks. =(