DRM-protected! removal?



hey guys

i have a couple of WMV videoclips…around 300mb each
the thing is there DRM protected and when trying to play them
in windowsmedia player some box is popping up.mediakey and
asking for me to enter my licence info etc!..the movie wont play
otherwise! ive tryed to play it in various other players but its just
all messed up!

is it POSSIBLE to REMOVE the drm …without the licence to hand?
i know theres various software out there that copys drm clips and
removes it! but these programs require the file to play as normal
before it will remove!

anyway…basically question is…

is it possible to REMOVE the drm without any licence ???


I strongly suggest using SEARCH.

Normally you have the license for such copyrighted and therfore DRMed material.