DRM....possible to remove? Maybe

I burnt a dvd of WMAs I downloaded from Napster using Nero. I then proceeded to make a copy of that DVD in hopes that “ANY DVD” just might eliminate the DRM encoding. Unfortunately it did not. However, the copy I made when opened in “My Computer” listed all the tracks as NOT being protected! When I tried to open one of the tracks in Sony’s Sound Forge to edit it, it told me it was protected. I don’t know if this means anything, but is it possible that by using this process we CAN remove the DRM? Obviously there seems to be 1 crutial step missing. I did get the computer to list the tracks as NOT being protected…is it possible I am an the verge of something here?
If anyone knows anything further to this, please let me know. I’d be glad to hear from you. Also, and I know it’s probably pointless to ask, but has there been any break throughs in cracking this EVIL DRM? I am aware of playing the track & recording it in real time. But I mean a conversion process or batch convertor that will do it NOT in real time? :cool:

As far as I know Dr Talk, the DRM can’t be removed with Clone DVD, and I’m not sure that it’s even legal to do so. (I expect someone will put me right on this.)

I borrowed a Sony MD recorder to record my friends live viola playing (her own compositions) and the nasty little thing even put DRM on her copyrighted music! So I was unable to use that rather nice machine to duplicate any more than a couple of disc’s.

I was going to buy one, but because of the DRM Sony lost a sale! I now use a second hand commercial DAT recorder without SCMS and all is well. The quality is better too.