DRM issues may disqualify Steven Spielberg from nomination

I just posted the article DRM issues may disqualify Steven Spielberg from nomination.

     The  Infamous DRM copy protection technology has caused quite a serious problem for  Steven Spielberg due to the way his screener movie 'Munich' was sent to over  3,000 BAFTA (British Film...
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fantastic news, hope the movie is a flop, die drm, die mpaa, die riaa.

This is great news as it hurts those that try to hurt us with DRM:B

What goes around comes around.

This is all hysterically funny. Sweets for the sweet.

In a prepared speech and huge kickbacks from MPAA, Steven Spielberg sed: “they are just protecting my artistic rights against wholesale piracy, which would result in loss of my income. Besides, everyone knows Hollywood content needs to be neutered sometime, to protect the population.” I fully endorse what was done and I’m looking forward to cartel-protecting DRM restrictions we’ll see in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, which will make this little hiccup seem like a Toy Story" Numerous calls to Mr Spielberg asking for further clarification on his comments have gone unanswered.

and if you really want to get the message home to these wankers saty away from this one at the cinema make it a complete flop it will go to dvd quicker that way and also a point in the article said he was protecting is income ??? what does he need any more money for is he going to buy the world ???

typical yanks can’t even sent over the correct disc’s.

I wonder if any of those that received the unplayable screeners even tried to post about the problem in the Club CD Freaks forums? “Help - important screener is region locked!! How can I hack this player?!?! *snickers”
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Excellent ! What if a BAFTA member film with a video camera his TV connected to a Cinea DVD player ? A screener. So, what’s the point of all this DRM ? A poor quality screener, not a good one… An a poor result for the oscars :B

too bad… cuz I really liked Munich… it was such a bloody movie :d (and I don’t mean bloody in the british slang term way) By the way, in seeing the E! channel, Spielberg is a billionare. Does he need more $$$?

Three words, Spielberg: Choke on it! Now that I’ve expressed the sentiments of 99% of the people who visit this place, let me remind you that this is one small incident, and is rather insignificant in the looming Orwellian nightmare that is DRM. The juggernaut can’t be stopped, but it will likely be slowed. As I’ve stated before, until the Wal*mart crowd accepts a technology, the old one will remain the only commercially significant technology of the masses. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will continue to be bogged down by their own infighting, and I suspect Europe will shun Vista in favor of a more “permitting” XP as their Windows de jour (because of the RPC-1 support). Will this slow the adoption of draconian DRM before they realize that the only thing they need to do is provide their gold-plated terds at a decent price, rather than continually stymy their customers and indulge in their own greed? Far more profit is to be made by those industry giants who can see through the immediate bottom line and SERVE their customers. The BAFTA loss is practically meaningless to Spielberg - as arrogant as it might sound, the Oscar is the one coveted by any filmaker these days, and the next time, they’ll “hit the right button” Sadly, however, this minor wakeup call will do nothing to stop the MPAA and it’s members from continually pushing the wrong buttons - those of their would-be loyal customers.

No one bothered to send the screeners Slysoft AnyDVD so they could watch it? :X Y’know, with someone as powerful as Spielburg getting crimped by DRM, maybe he can push to have it removed? Yeah!

There is an old say: “What Man Makes Man Breaks” They can make all the copy protection in the world they want, but you must remeber there is ALL WAYS someone smarter then you, so in term there is and will never be copy protection that can’t be broke. So i say just get over it and stop protecting cause its not protected.

You just have to love an industry that is so paranoid that it not only bites the public hand that feeds them, but also slaps the very people they go to for adulation. I stand by what I said months ago. At some point we are going to see the entertainment industry develop a proprietary DRM/Encrytion scheme that will have to be licensed by hardware manufacturers in order for devices to even play music or video. Then the public will spend their time upgrading firmware everytime the scheme is hacked. It will never work, but you can just bet someone will sell the idea to the industry and they will bite out of paranioa. It is sure gonna be a hoot when you go to rent a movie and have to read a users guide just to watch it.

rla…what have you done…Now I have to go buy a no DVD-RW. NOOOOOO!!:slight_smile: Anyway seems that paranoia is a new fashion these days…goes very well with green(money $). In the end the industry will colapse under it’s oun weight(RIAA) or stupidness…whatever comes crashing down on theyr heads first.

S*** happens!:S

I’m sad steven. You where one of the (fairly?) good american directors remaining, i remember to have reached the end of some of your movies awake. But seems that your greed went over your artistic sense, listen(or read in this case): THE ONLY ONES BEING F***ED BY THOSE STUPID CONTROL MEASURES ARE THE REAL CUSTOMERS!!!. As i said many times ARTIST THAT USES DRM IS NOT LONGER SUPPORTEWD BY MY MONEY that means that i will download your movie instead of buying/renting. (i mean if it worths spending bandwidth on it).

Wait, is that the bloke who did Womb Raider 4? The birds in that were all foxy minxes! :g